Aisha Herbal’s Glam and Glitz oil is a go-go for every man and woman out there! You may have heard about using oils for sleep and leisure, but this adaptable oil may also help balance out dampness levels in your skin. It’s an anti-inflammatory that can reduce redness and a natural hydrator that can repair dry skin without making it too greasy.
Have you heard about amla oil on the skin? It’s incredible! The antioxidants along with vitamin C in gooseberry (Amla), help to brighten your skin. This fruit also helps to tone and tighten your skin and make it firm and soft.
On the other hand, curry leaves, not merely give an exclusive flavor too but make for a great skin rejuvenator by making it hale and hearty and glowing. Curry leaves have excellent properties to give your skin the glow and shine and are excellent for treating acne. Curry leaves are high in antioxidants, be full of anti-microbial properties as well as some necessary vitamins for the skin, such as vitamins A and C, which are very helpful in keeping the skin healthy.
Aisha Herbal’s Glam and Glitz oil contains castor oil, Bahrami, baalihaj, and many more ingredients, but not to overlook neem! Neem helps in treating wrinkles, redness of the skin as well as water loss. It helps in the structuring of the skin and revitalizes it beautifully.
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